New Star Soccer

New Star Soccer 2.41

Excellent and addictive soccer sim


  • Really addictive
  • Ideal for mobile gaming
  • Great variety and detail


  • Basic graphics and sound


New Star Soccer lets you create a soccer player and then guide him to greatness through the leagues by impressing fans, teammates and the manager.

It's unusual to find an original soccer game, but New Star Soccer manager to be just that and also really addictive and great fun.

The gameplay is unusual. In New Star Soccer, games play out like in old management games. There's a ticker of events as the time runs down, but when your player is involved, you'll get the chance to play that moment. It could be a free kick, chance for a shot, pass or an intercept. There are all little mini games, and they are satisfyingly skill based. A bad performance can really ruin your star rating, so there's lots of pressure to perform well.

You begin by naming your player, and choosing your nationality and the league country. Then there's a little introduction which gets you signed to a low league team. You need to perform well in games to increase your star rating, and get the chance to play in bigger teams.

In addition to matches, you can buy lifestyle items, vehicles and property. These can improve your energy levels, and happiness, while increasing your chances of getting a girlfriend. Graphics are functional, not flashy, but they work well for this type of game. Sound is similarly minimal, but effective.

New Star Soccer is surprisingly addictive, and the games can be really exciting and tense despite the basic graphics. It's a really well designed mobile game, that's ideal for playing on the move.

New Star Soccer


New Star Soccer 2.41

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